Make a statement with a handcrafted button bouquet, perfect for brides and bridesmaids or simply on display at home.


You will need:

Dry foam oasis bouquet  

Buttons in a colour(s) of your choice                                                                 

Vintage brooch(s)

Wire cutters 

Craft wire (needs to be thin enough to thread)

Silk, satin or lace to match dresses

Pearl sewing pins

//Step 1// Cut & Thread

Cut 5-inch strips of wire and thread varying numbers of buttons to the wire (we used between 1 and 5), topping each with a bead or fancy button, so you can’t see the wire. They should look like little button flowers. For a 5-inch bouquet like ours you’ll need to make approximately 100 stems of varying size. You might find it useful to display your stems in a little bowl as you work – just so you can what options you have for spacing.

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