TUTORIAL: Stencil card by Glitzcard

A new card tutorial made for you today, and NOT a drop of frosting paste used.

1. Choose a robust stencil, background ones are ideal, don’t choose one with lots of loose little edges.

2. Using double sided sheet trim to just smaller than the stencil and apply to card (scrap is fine) then remove the release paper, apply stencil directly onto the sticky tape but don’t press down too firmly.

3. Take gilding flakes (you know you’ve got some hiding somewhere?!) and rub a quantity into the sticky parts until the surface is evenly covered, be careful not too have a fan or anything blowing as those little suckers get everywhere! Run off extra and put back into the pot.

4. Remove stencil by using even firm pressure (it sticks well so this is why you want a robust stencil or metal stencil will also work).

5. Sprinkle loose glitter over the remaining sticky parts and rub in well to ensure glitter covers ALL the remaining adhesive.

6. Trim and mat and layer if desired.

7. I added a stamped sentiment from the Window flowers stamp