Machine Quilting Top Tips with Hayley West

Want to get into Machine Quilting but struggled to get started? Now’s the time to start your new favourite hobby! Here is what the wonderful Hayley West from Hochanda shares about machine quilting, read on to discover her top quilting tips!


Invest in good quality tools

You don’t need a lot to get yourself started, so it’s best to invest in tools that you know won’t let you down. To get set up, Hayley recommends investing in a rotary cutter, a cutting mat and quilting rule (a 6” x 18” rule is a good size to start with). Keep an eye out on Hochanda for Handmade Hayley shows for more news on these!


Take your time… do not rush your work, enjoy it!

Concentrate when you are cutting and avoid any distractions. Cutting a paper template before you cut into your fabric can be helpful for giving you an idea of how the pieces should look – this way any mistakes will be spotted before you cut your fabric. If things are not going well then take a break, clear your mind, and then come back to it on another day.


Check to see if your chosen fabrics are pre-shrunk

This can often catch you out, so if in doubt, wash your fabrics before you start. You do not want them shrinking or colours running the first time you wash your quilt!


Press your seams as you go

This will make matching your pieces much easier. 1/4” seams are traditional in quilting, so if you are following a pattern, then this will probably be the recommendation.


Remember to have fun and enjoy!

As Hayley touched upon earlier, the key part of the whole process is to relax, take your time and enjoy the process! It does not matter if your seams do not align perfectly or your project is slightly wonky. If you are not entering a competition, then you have nothing to worry about. You are creating something sewn together with love and passion, and those are the best made quilts ever.

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Additional quilting tips