Make a Kids Apron from a Tea Towel

If you love to cook and bake with the kids why not make them an apron of their own? A cheap and easy project that you’ll complete in less than half an hour…

You will nee

A tea towel (cotton or linen is best)

2 meters of  ribbon

Needle and thread / Sewing machine

Sewing pins


Tape measure

Iron & Ironing board



1) Cut off any labels from the tea towel and iron. Fold the tea towel in half, length ways and so the inside is facing out. Fold to make a crease.


2) Measure 4 inches from the top of both tea towel edges. Fold the edge over from the half way crease and iron the crease in on both sides.


3) Trim the excess fabric, leaving a seam allowance of 1/2 inch and pin.


4) Cut two pieces of ribbon measuring 21 inches and one measuring 24 inches.


5) Insert your two longer pieces of ribbon into the seams at the bottom of your fold. Pin and then sew the seam, incorporating the ribbon.


6) Pin the remaining piece of ribbon at the neck of the apron, leaving two inches of ribbon running down the far sides for strength. Sew into place.


Now you’re ready to gift the apron and show your apprentice a thing or two in the kitchen!