Lisa Marie: Top Tips to Get Started on Your Crafting Journey


Getting started in the craft arena

I hear a lot that people would like to start crafting.  They see things that people make and think “I would like to be more creative”, but sadly don’t think they are able or even know where to start.

My tip is to find a local craft course or travel further a field if you can and just have a go at something that catches your eye.  With craft courses, classes and workshops, you will have a dedicated tutor with all the knowledge you need to guide you through to complete a project.  If that class wasn’t for you, try other things and you are likely to find something that you like.

Where to find support, hints and tips

One of the best places to find answers to questions, support and tips outside of a course tutor on a course, is to join a group either a local face to face group or an online group.  You will find a plethora of people with varying skills from beginners to the advanced and often they are happy to engage and share their experience.

Craft Kits:

Buying a craft kit, is a great way to starting your creative journey, it will usually contain all the elements you need to complete a project.  Make sure though your project has not only the kit components but the paper pattern (if the design needs one) and the instruction booklet. 

Ask the creator:

If you have purchased a kit, pattern or craft book, don’t be afraid to contact the creator for extra support.  The creator’s details should be on the back of the patter, inside the pattern booklet or on the back of the kit box.   Failing that just google the name of the creator or business and you should find either their website or social media pages.  Drop them a message and don’t be frightened to ask a question.

Craft Books:

Craft books are a great way to get started on your “Crafting Journey” there are so many fabulous craft books on the market, showcasing many crafting mediums.  Be sure to pick one that is for beginners, even if it moves to more advanced projects further in the book.  It needs to have clear step by step instructions in the for of photos or clean diagrams with easy to follow written content.

Getting Started on your first project

Once you have decided to go on a course, get a kit or invest in a book and you are at home about to start on your first masterpiece… I recommend practicing the techniques on some scrap materials before you start on the main project.  This way you will get used to the techniques required for that project, giving you confidence to go forward to the real thing.

Making mistakes:

Don’t worry if you make a mistake, its all part of learning and understanding the process.  I have made 100’s of mistakes and now call them my happy accidents as very often that mistake turns out to be something magical.  That said if you are not happy, simply undo if you can and start again.

Don’t worry about getting it perfect:

Crafting is all about the enjoyment, learning the techniques and creating bespoke and handmade projects, not projects that are mass produced. So, your project doesn’t have to be perfect, focus on the enjoyment crafting brings and the process involved and over time as you do more, the technique will naturally improve the end result.

The most important thing:

The most important thing in crafting is that you have fun, you take pleasure out of the making, embrace the therapeutic benefits of crafting either by yourself or in a group situation, crafting is “FOOD” for the soul.