How to make a Recycled Gift Bow just in time for Christmas with Craft Invaders

The countdown to Christmas is well underway so why not get creative and glam up your presents this year? Follow Craft Invader’s simple steps below to create the most fabulous recycled gift bow.

  1. Save colourful paper offcuts and magazines to recycle into colourful gift bows.
  2. Cut the paper you have selected into strips 2cms wide.
  3. For each gift bow you will need 3 strips of paper at their full length to make the outer rosette. 2 or 3 more pieces 2cm shorter than the first for the inner rosette, plus a short length for the centre.
  4. Staple each strip into a loop, then glue the loops together to make a rosette.
  5. Finally, roll a tube of paper and stick it in the middle of the bow to finish, and that’s it!

Recycled Gift Bow