Terms & Conditions

ICHF Events reserves the right to:

  • make reasonable necessary alterations to the advertised event arrangements, featured participants or programmer
  • cancel or abandon any event without notice and without liability for compensations or damage other than up to a maximum of the ticket price (if an event cancels in advance we will make reasonable attempts to contact you using the details you have provided).
  • restrict ticket sales to a maximum number per person and/o household and cancel any tickets purchased in excess of this.

The venue reserves the right to:

  • refuse admission to, or remove you from the venue in reasonable circumstances – such as the refusal of security checks or if venue staff consider that your behaviours may adversely affect other people’s enjoyment of the event – and without a refund.
  • confiscate prohibited items – such as items that may potentially be used as a weapon – in accordance with its policies. If in any doubt please check with the venue before attending.
  • ICHF Events cannot refund tickets unless an event is cancelled or rescheduled so please check your ticket carefully on receipt and contact us immediately if you have any queries. We are not liable for lost, destroyed or stolen tickets and cannot always replace them.

Tickets are not transferable and their resale for profit or commercial gain (except by us or our authorised sub-agents) or use in promotions or packages without the express permission of ICHF Events is prohibited and may render them void.

Please check details such as timings and car park charges with the venue before traveling as these may be subject to late changes.

You must produce a valid ticket to attend the event and removing parts of, defacing or otherwise altering your ticket may render it void.

By attending the event you consent to being filmed/recorder as part of the audience for security and broadcast without payment.