ICHF Website Cookies
You may have heard about the recent change in the law regarding the use of Cookies on websites. By law we are required to tell you about the Cookies used by this website and gain your permission if they are not essential to the functionality of the website.

Our website Cookies do not collect any personally identifiable information and are used for reasons of functionality.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small text files that can be used by web sites to make a userís experience more efficient.

What Cookies does the ICHF website use?

The ICHF website uses two kinds of Cookies, First Party and Third Party.

First Party Cookies

Our First Party Cookie is set by the ICHF website itself and is known as a Sesssion ID Cookie. This Cookie contains a string of letters and numbers used by our website to ensure it can associate your shopping basket contents or web form entries with your computer as opposed to anyone else who is browsing the site. This is to ensure your privacy and to prevent any details you enter into our website from being displayed to another user. The Cookie does not contain any personal information and the Cookie expires when you close your browser window.

Third Party Cookies

Our Third Party Cookies are set by our social networking features:
  • The Facebook "Like" button at the bottom of our pages may set a Cookie if you are a Facebook member, this Cookie is set by the Facebook webserver and is required if you wish to share our pages via the "Like" button.
  • The "Share" button at the top of our Consumer Show pages uses the AddThis system to allow you to share our pages with your friends via various social networking sites. The AddThis system requires Cookies in order to function.

What if I do not want to receive these Cookies?

Most modern web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and so on) allow you to disable Cookies through their Privacy options. Please refer to your web browser's Help file to find out how to disable them on your system for particular websites.
Please note that if you disable the ICHF (www.ichf.co.uk or www.ichfevents.co.uk) Session ID Cookie, you will be unable to purchase tickets via our website and some of our other web forms may not function correctly.